22 Oct

Are you planning to hold a corporate retreat soon? Or maybe facilitating a wedding venues in Tennessee mountains? Have you been charged with the responsibility of making it happen? Are you confused as to what to do? Well, wonder no more as we are here to help your cause. Just to prepare you early; the success of the corporate retreat will be dependent wholly on the kind of venue you choose. Some host sites will be so organised that they will make you, the retreat organizer, look like a pure genius; a master of your craft. As for others, they will keep you in stress mode and running up and down as if you were training for a triathlon. You want a place with the perfect mix of rural to urban, outdoor and indoor. Locating an area that falls in line with your retreat cause will create greater comfort and improve the performance of your team. So what do you look for?

The first thing on your mind should be accessibility. You want to find a place that can be easily found and which your team can quickly go to and depart, when the time comes. A place where aid can promptly be gotten in case of an emergency. Even as you look for a pristine outdoor area, you also don't want it to be too remote. The lodging option is your next factor. Truth be told, if you can get a place with wonderful sleeping areas and also an excellent meeting venue within the same retreat premise, then you've landed the gold mine. You want to avoid constant transportation of your team or guests to and fro the sleeping area and meeting place.

Before the retreat, do some recon to find out if the retreat venue reflects your image, vision, perception and cause. You want to make sure that the corporate retreat venue you pick augments the message you will be discussing during the retreat itself. If you select the right place, then your guests will for sure feel valued and be more keen to grasp what is being discussed. Obviously, we can't avoid the money issue. My advice will always be to work within your budget. There is no need to stretch yourself thin. Quality corporate retreat venues will be a bit pricey, but it's worth it if everything else falls in place. Again, since the host site's management will want future transactions with you, you can use the chance to work out a deal that will benefit both sides financially.

Finally, make sure that from the onset, the management of the retreat venue confirms that they have sufficient personnel to help out with the retreat. For instance, you need adequate food-servers and security. Liaise with the management to ensure this staffing issue is ironed out beforehand.

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